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New emailing list!

For discussion of evocation and invocation of spirits.

This is the offshoot of which was abandoned. Please feel free to join us here for spam free discussion! New members are moderated until it is determined that they are neither here to troll or spam.

Keywords: spirits, demons, summoning, conjuring, conjuration, invocation, invokation, evokation, evocation, evoke, invoke, elementals, occult, magick, Goetia, goetic, Solomon, Soloman, Solomonic, Key of Solomon, servitors, daimon, jinn, djinn, djinni, genie, angels, angelic, Enochian, Enoch, John Dee, triangle of the art, Arbatel, ritual magick, ritual magic, spells, bornless ritual, Liber Samekh, planetary, ceremonial magick, ceremonial magic, talismans, consecration, consecrating, Agrippa, grimoire, occult, daimons, daimones, divination, Bardon, Levi, Abramelin, Agathos Daimon, HGA, angelic summoning, angelic evocation, scrying, scrying mirror, tetragrammaton, Kabbalah, Qabbalah, Qabalah, Kabalah, Golden Dawn.

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Perfect Couple

A question.

Did you notice that *enlightened* people around the world somewhat lose their interest in magicks?

Communities die, journals sink in everyday life, stagnation and apathy consume everything.

Or is it just mу subjective vision?
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Привет всем!

Я тут совсем не долго, давайте знакомиться!

Вот, если что, мой адрес:

_____°$$$$_______$°__°$______$°__°$_______$$$$$$_______ __

Just an introduction

This group appeared interesting.
I am Painted Jaguar (most call me Paint), I am a mother and a college student (going to be teaching snot nosed kids history LOL. Of course I am most interested in history from the ancient mesopotamians, egyptians, romans and greeks all the way to the end of the Baroque period. Particularly interesting is religion/spirituality, the arcane and supernatural, culture, and art and music of said culture. I was originally an anthropology major LOL

I have alot of artistic interests in which I try to express my interests in magick, mythology and so forth. I oil paint, carve, sculpt (when I have the right supplies), make jewlery, make organite, and enjoy creating magickal tools foremost.. usually as gifts for people I know.

Currently I have been spending the summer researching my new pet writing project. I have decided to write four volumes going into depth on the elements. The first volume I am starting with is the element alligned to my own internal nature.. water. I have been having fun researching the various beliefs regarding water from other cultures, as well as scientific facts about rivers and oceans. I encourage anyone interested to take a peak at my livejournal where I have a questionnaire.

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Hey, I'm using Enochian as a basis for a sociology class I'm in. I need to know what all books you recommend as quality, and if there are any you know of that are really on when it comes to the linguisitc aspect.

books = good


In a bizarre move, I was searching for chaos magic communities and found this one, which I started a long long time ago on a now-dead account.

So if you want to find an actual maintainer for this community, I have switched it over to this account.

No changes will be made, except I wonder what I was smoking when I did the colors for this community. (I take that back. I know exactly what I was smoking. The colors were pretty at the time. I apologize.)

Carry on as per usual.

ETA: OK, minor changes. Mostly in adding interests and such, and maybe fleshing out the info a bit. Suggestions are welcome. But nothing really, so far as changes. Maybe trying to get this place a bit more active, since chaosmagic is gone. I'm liking what I'm reading here, actually...quite a bit. So carry on.

ETA again: Listen to the people below and read Join My Cult. It is good.


I need accounts or personal theroies:

*Planned or participated magickal combat, specifically attack or redirection techniques, "ju jit su magick" if you will.

*work done on others over distance

*work done on others without their knowledge

*work with curses

*work done to "transplant" part of yourself/ your aura to another.