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Just an introduction

This group appeared interesting.
I am Painted Jaguar (most call me Paint), I am a mother and a college student (going to be teaching snot nosed kids history LOL. Of course I am most interested in history from the ancient mesopotamians, egyptians, romans and greeks all the way to the end of the Baroque period. Particularly interesting is religion/spirituality, the arcane and supernatural, culture, and art and music of said culture. I was originally an anthropology major LOL

I have alot of artistic interests in which I try to express my interests in magick, mythology and so forth. I oil paint, carve, sculpt (when I have the right supplies), make jewlery, make organite, and enjoy creating magickal tools foremost.. usually as gifts for people I know.

Currently I have been spending the summer researching my new pet writing project. I have decided to write four volumes going into depth on the elements. The first volume I am starting with is the element alligned to my own internal nature.. water. I have been having fun researching the various beliefs regarding water from other cultures, as well as scientific facts about rivers and oceans. I encourage anyone interested to take a peak at my livejournal where I have a questionnaire.
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