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Join My Cult! v3.0 released

"Language Is A Reality Virus." -W. S. Burroughs

"We use the code to create reality every day.

It is said, whoever has a name for a thing, has control over it. Our wars, and our lives, are spent vying for linguistic territory. Not that any of us realized that when the story began...

We started out a group of unintentionally pretentious kids living in the McMansion sprawls of Suburban America with a little too much time on our hands. We could have been anyone.

Then there came the group hypnosis sessions, the shamanic explorations, the sex magick, and of course, the LSD.

Suddenly we realized we had slipped between the cracks. At first, we thought we were free to create and live in whatever world we chose. How wrong we were.

Now half of us are locked in mental institutions for a bombing we don't recall comitting, and the rest are MIA. Where does the story begin and reality end?

After all these years, none of us can believe this is just another work of fiction. We leave you a record of our descent." --Agent 139

A full chapter excerpt of JMC.
Essays- Sex Magick, Myth, Media, etc.
Wordsalad, an ongoing collaborative musickal trance project. (Now 3 45 min installments.)
Sample tracks from the upcoming album subQtaneous.
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