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Question on Shielding, esp. in amulets.

Found myself about to be in a situation that calls for heavy shields, both emotional and mental. My normal shields are usually fine, but I think in this case, better safe than sorry, and was thinking of placing a heavy shield in an amulet or somthing similar. This is not the type of working I usually do, and so was curious how others generally go about this?

Pardon the X-posting.
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Imagination is key, as you probably already know.

I usually have a hard time with shields so when I need them, I have to work on it to a point that I CAN forget it, let it go...etc.

I've done a shield in an amulet, crystal, statue, jacket whatever.

My method of going about magic seems to have evolved past most physical "tools". It's a wierd feeling to know that I am now strong enough and ready to just use the poewr of my soul and imagination for my work (you'll know it when you lose the desire to create physical tools). I used to do the sit in a circle, evoking a god or goddess(or invoking as the case may warrent), imagine bright light surrounding me, protecting me from all harm like that of a womb. Except that I'm always aware of what is going on around me, as you don't want to be cut off from ALL of the outside. If you did, that could get dangerous.

That kind of ritual would take about 20 minutes and I couldn't do that on the bus or in the car, especially when driving. That is probably what drove me to try and do everything in my head. It gets easier with practice. (Heh, we always hear that one, don't we? Now listen again, but DEEPER.) The desire to create magical tools has faded. Now, creating a vast world of magic to become my place of work is my foremost ambition. It's ALL in your head, they say. It's quite literaly true.

My current method would be to just imagine an egg-shaped field around me and anyone I'm currently protecting with me. I visualize that this field is hardening, becoming stronger than anything. Nothing negative could get through, from the outside. From inside, I'd allow myself to recieve only good, benificial thoughts, energy and vibrations. After It was set up, I'd just let it go, knowing that it will last for as long as I am in current need. I usually put in somthing to remind me when those shileds ARE low so that I can empower it again.

I'm coming up with yet another method that goes beyond this; that is to use my soul (I AM) as an amulet of protection. To a certain extent it (I) allready do this, but by putting focused intention to my work, I can will my soul to help protect me at other levels.

No, I can't do as Superman does and deflect bullets. LOL But I can be more alert, expand my (web) of consciousness so that I have a better warning system and thereby avoiding danger long before it gets near me.

I'll give you an instance of this working for me.

I was walking home late one night when while passing a place from which a truck came out from the gas station, I instantly knew that the truck was NOT going to stop as well as noticing that it was going far too fast. Fortunately, I had trained myself of this technique to the degree that I was able to maintain a steady shiled of warning and protection.

As I was walking by, I knew I did not have time to dodge the car, so I instantly (almsot without thinking, it was THAT fast, yet time slowed down at the same time) I held out my hand and the truck stopped. The funny part is that when it did stop it looked like it was "pushed" back a foot! It happened so fast I did not realise that I had just saved my own life, that it actually was ME that stopped it! The driver had a shocked look on his face, and it took him some time to come out of it and move on.

As they say, Believe it or not.

I obviously would not recommend doing this just to test it out. That is an extreme case I'd rather not experience again. I was just VERY glad I had been training my mind for this.

Yep. An early warning detection system. Though I must admit that I don't practice this nearly as much as I should. Very busy. I'm still clumsy at it, as this particular technique is still new to me. Though I obviously have plenty of incentive to keep at it!

I hope my ramblings have been of some use to you.

I wish for you lots of love and light to guide you on your path!

thank you much for your ramblings! i enjoyed them, and as your paradigm seems very close to mine, they are helpful. i normally dont do much work with tools as such, preferring the power of the mind. but for some reason for this particular deal i really feel it would be best if i use a physical focus. thus, i shall. very cool story, by the by, and am interesting idea of using soul as focus.
:D Yes! I agree with you. Sometimes even though we may have advanced to a point, sometimes to go further, you must go back to the basics. This lesson was continually beat over my head for years! LOL

As for you feeling that you need to use a physical focus, "go with the gut" I always say!

My view on the soul my or not be like yours and that is I strongly "know" that my soul is "me" the essential I. It is ALL of who we are. Our identity, our knowledge and experience is stored there as it IS "I". What I'm getting at is that the source for own personal power (shared with the ALL, of course) is our true self; the soul.

I have a meditation ritual I do on occasion that really helps illustrate this point. I sit in Lotus posistion and relax. I let go everything that is on my mind and focus on the words "I AM". You will feel empowered and more centered. Once you try it, you will know what I mean. That is because we are connecting with our center, the soul.

So you can see that it is not a far jump to use your soul as a focus. And what a focus! I can't imagine anything that would work better, except maybe a couple working together with their souls to accomplish the same goal! That is another subject alltogether.

I'm honestly relieved to finally write to someone who is more undertanding and respectful.

Thank you!

*smiles* I dont necessarily see one as more advanced than the other. Simply works for that person at that point in their life. As a chaos mage, I believe one should use what works and feels right for them at that point, never caring if tomorrow it may be something completely opposite.

My views on soul are hazy and not very thought out. I have a view of it in the back of myself but have never really taken the time to examine it. It never seemed to be the right time for it. Though this conversation with you may mean it is getting closer to the time for it. Heh. The equivalent of it knocking on my head and saying "hey you! pay some attention/throw some conscious energy/thoughts my way eh?"

The I am meditation is very interesting. I always felt that the God of the Torah, when he called himself I AM, was making a point we could each use for empowerment...just hadnt rlly explored it much. so thanks, this is an excersise i will play with soon, most like ;)

still need to think more on soul as focus..because i am not a very static individual...things are often in flux. even in who i am. especially if im in the middle of a story, writing, or reading, or living it.

sounds like youve had some trouble with other folk who are interested in magic. sorry to hear that. good luck with finding more who are not so shallow.
Wow! I'm actually getting along with someone who is a chaos mage? Cool! I don't tend toward that end of things, but I do acknowledge chaos as a very real force. :) I'm actually roomies with one. Magicaly we respect one another, personalities clash, but we get MOSTLY along.

Yes, change is prevelent and swiftly moving, and so we must be.

I don't have any particular label anymore. I used to practice quite a bit of dragon magic. Before that, traditional Wicca, before that...you get the idea. I've always been a solitary at heart, with the occassional ritual with my Beloved.

I agree with the "feels right" thing. Experimentation until something feels right.

And right, shallow was the word I was searching for. It's very difficault to communicate with anyone like that. So I've shied away from talking about it lately. I'm probably going to limit writing to only a few at most.

Most of those people ended up beig the kind that will ONLY read and believe what is popular at the time. I'm sure it's just a learning thing, that it's a few teens out there who are testing out the water of religeon. Doesn't make it less fustrating. Can't share with people who won't listen to different ways. *shrug*

I'm definately interested in hearing about your various beliefs and ideas/experiments. I love to combine concepts and ideas to make something different! My roomie and I have a very hard time communicating when she tries to explain the intricacies of the art of chaos. It might have to do with the fact that she uses alot of advanced math and symbols that I have no clue to do what with. Even when explained.

Order and chaos may be something I need to learn before long. I'd probably need to use the techniques of one or both for my pathwork.

chuckles. i note on your info page it lists a yahoo id for you. ive added you to my list, but i see you arent online and honestly i dont get into yahoo as often as i do AIM. perchance do you have aim? if so, my nick is on my info page...would be interesting to speak to...though at the moment i am awaiting for my lover to come over for dinner, so now isnt the best time...but some other time?

*grins* and I don't get ito AIM as often as Yahoo. :). Seriously, I've had problems with AIM and have had no inclination to use it since the few people who do use it live near enough to just call. ^_^

I'll work out the bugs and get my AIM account working properly. I'll add you when it's up and running again.

GAH! I was just looking at your user info and I saw that you have azurelunatic as a friend! She happens to be that roommate I was talking about.

Bleh, I guess I just forgot that I found you through her. I sometimes look through her friends list to see if there's anyone interesting. She occasionally recommends people as well. Well, I feel properly lacking smarts. LOL


sory about the double post. I hit "post comment" too early. I hate leaving my writing uncorrected. consider that quirk #1. lol